Covering Dale County: New Year Begins On Prosperous Note For Ozark

The winds of change are blowing in Ozark's favor. The town of 16,000 is 6 months away from welcoming its newest business in the new Black Forest Industrial Park. National Building Components is headquartered in Albertville. It's a company that makes the framework that supports a roof or the wooden A-frame you might typically see in a home attic.

"This is wonderful. They'll ship the trusses all over the country," said Robin Beasley, Assistant Economic Development Director for the city of Ozark.

Initially, National Building Components will hire 14 people and add another 20 plus by year's end. They plan to be up and running by June.

"That payroll will generate another $500,000 for the local economy," said Beasley.

No doubt encouraging news for Ozark in light of national economic numbers that seem to suggest trouble; an unsteady stock market, housing problems and a higher unemployment rate. Dale County's unemployment rate is a little better than 3%, according to November figures.

"I guess it takes awhile for problems to come down south from the north. Right now we haven't been affected. We have 5 new neighborhoods going up," Beasley said.

National Building Components is the first manufacturing business to move into the new industrial park since it was built 4 years ago. The company is young, only a year old with a staff of 10.  Even though it's a done deal, economic developers like Robin Beasley are still faced with a challenge; fill up the remaining 50 acres at the industrial park with new deals.

The average pay for new plant in Ozark is expected to be around $9 an hour.