Former Dental Assistant is a Class Act

"If a child needs one-on-one help, many times I call them back for one-on-one instruction that way," says Susan Bailey, a second grade teacher at Head Elementary School. She's laying the groundwork for students to master reading and math.

Second grader Frankie Reda says, "we know how to count cents and money and do a lot of things in math."

Bailey devises multiple lesson plans, to reach students who learn through different ways. Some are geared for hands-on learners, others for visual and aural learners. The goal of every lesson is to be relevant to the students' lives. Principal Susan Mallett says, "she has gardens going. She has books, the children create their own books and publish their own books. They do all kinds of activities that extend what she teaches out of the textbook."

Bailey is Head's teacher of the year. An honor given to her by fellow faculty members and the PTA. Her dedication in the classroom came after spending time in an entirely different career. "I worked in a dental office and I worked in a pediadontist's office where I cleaned teeth for 17 years. And I knew I always wanted to work with children and I decided to go back to school. And I wanted to try to make a difference in the lives of children."

Bailey serves on Head's accreditation committee, building leadership team, and the courtesy committee.