First On WSFA 12 News: Fire Destroys Montgomery Home

Two men in their 60's and 70's were caught inside when their house in the "Newtown" section of Montgomery caught on fire. When firefighters arrived around 11:00 Tuesday morning the house was well involved.

Foster Street in Newtown section is located near the downtown area of Montgomery, and from there folks could see the smoke from miles away. Investigators say the fire probably resulted from a bed being too close to an electric heater.

There were two men inside at the time. One is 68 and the other 73. It was 73 year old William Goss who made it out safely. The other one tho stayed inside saying he wanted to put the fire out.

Goss explained what happened. "I was watching TV. And then what happened? Nothing, I saw that smoke. I smelled the smoke when I was in my room and then I got up and asked the boy what was smoking and I pulled the curtain back and it was fire burning. Fire was burning? It was burning. He said I'm trying to put it out. I said come on out of there. I'm trying to put it out. I said OK....I'm gone. And so you left? I couldn't get him. And he stayed in there trying to out the fire out? Put the fire out, yeah."

Assistant Fire Chief of Investigations William Davis said "Our units entered the structure from the rear. We did find the victim. We did bring the victim out, continued extinguishment of the fire and advanced life support on the victim. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition."

68 year old Theodore Jones has been transferred to Birmingham to the burn unit at U-A-B. Relatives say he has burns over his face and chest and goes in and out of consciousness.

The Red Cross is providing housing, food and clothes to the other victim, William Goss, who made it out of the house safely.