Grip Wrench - Does It Work

"The tool that does it all"... "Grips everything"... Those are just a few of the quotes from the box of the "Grip Wrench". But will those claims "hold" true? David Hagood puts them to the test. It was a normal work day for Kenny Missledine but he wasn't using normal work tools, instead he is tried out the "Grip Wrench". Kenny's normal tools range from a pipe wrench to power tools but he's giving all of those up for what Billy Mays, the Grip Wrench inventor, calls the tool that does it all. The bathroom is where we conducted the test. Kenny first placed the grip wrench around the shower... But he had some problems. He eventually got the grip wrench around the shower head and it finally broke free. Next we tried the shower pipe. It's proved to be a bit harder to break free. Actually it wouldn't. Kenny said that he's used a tool like that before in the past but haven't had much luck with them. He said in his opinion he wouldn't buy one! The Grip Wrench that we bought for 19.99 will not be found in Kenny's shopping cart. He's says it's just not worth the money! David found the Grip Wrench at a local CVS pharmacy. They are also available off of the Internet at . If you have a does it work suggestion... Send David an e-mail at