Hair Off Mitten - Does It Work

If there's one product out there that many men and women would love to own... It would be a product that could remove unwanted body hair. Women will put themselves through all sorts of pain to rid themselves of hair, and would love to be able to throw the waxes and razors away for something that makes the job easier. David Hagood tries out the "Hair Off Mitten".  Right from the start, the Hair Off Mitten has one good thing going for it already... the price. A package of three mittens costs less than most other hair removal products, a lot less... around three dollars. To use the mitten, you simply move it in small circles while pressing down. Sounds easy... But when you see one, this process will make you cringe. It looks like sandpaper and the thought of rubbing this on your skin is less than appealing. So, I decided to let someone else try this particular product out. My volunteer is Dale Daniel, a body builder and employee at Gold's Gym, who agreed to give the mitten a shot. After reading the instructions, he didn't think the mitten was going to hurt, but he also didn't think it was going to successfully remove hair. He began to rub... and the hair off mitten actually surprised him. The stubble did rub away after doing a series of circles, and because the dead skin was also rubbed away, the remaining area felt smooth to the touch... like he had shaved. The most impressive fact is that Dale said it didn't even hurt. Not near as painful as Nad's hair removal gel. In the end, Dale was quite impressed by the hair off mitten. It was extremely easy to use, affordable, and really did work. The only serious drawback was that it wasn't quick, like it promised. It would take quite some time to actually remove stubble from your entire leg. Also, the hair off mitten can only be used on legs, not all over the body like other products. In all, the hair off mitten is probably worth a shot. It works! Dale said that people with sensitive skin won't like it, and neither will people that hate scraping sounds. But if you can get past that, and have some time to kill, the hair off mitten shouldn't be all that disappointing. If you have a product for David to test out... E-mail him at