Gardening Cents - Container Gardening

One of the latest garden accents is container gardening. Containers come in all shapes and sizes and as our Jeff Gerber tells us in this week's edition of "Gardening Cents" it's actually easy and fun to do!!

One of the big things these days is container gardens. Vanessa Farmer once again is going to show us a little bit about building a container garden. "You can plant flowers , roses, vegetables, herbs in containers. And today were doing a beautiful container garden for your front door," says Vanessa.

Vanessa says when picking a planter make sure there is a hole in the bottom for drainage. If a planter doesn't properly drain your flowers could eventually die. Another important element is soil. "If you go to a garden center and you're trying to buy a bargain bag(of potting soil) and you cant' pick it up, then it is too heavy and it's not going to work well as a potting soil," comments Vanessa.

Because our container was rather large, to save a little money we first filled the bottom with just soil amendment, then added the potting soil. Vanessa suggested filling your container about 5 inches from the top and then gently patting down your soil. "Our goal is to add color in a simple way,"adds Vanessa.

We found a hanging basket that already combines a few different types of flowers. All we had to do was transplant them into our container. Vanessa reminds us, "One of my pet peeves in container gardening is that people plant things and don't put enough potting soil in the container and you have to go over and peek into the container to see what's in it from the street. It(the container) should flow and hang over and also have some height to it."

To add that height we added a Canna Lilly and then all that was left was to fill up the gaps around the edges with more potting soil and add the finishing touches.

Vanessa says container gardening need not be time consuming. "What i don't want to forget is to add a slow release fertilizer." She says people are busy and don't want to be out in the yard for "8 hours every Saturday." With a slow release fertilizer, all you have to remember to do is water."

After dowsing the container with water we were ready to set it in place by the front door. Surprisingly Jeff found the project was easy and it only took about thirty minutes!! While the price of the container you choose can vary, the one you just saw cost a little under a hundred dollars, you can save money by buying the light weight container for half of that price and paint it yourself.

But be careful with that paint, Vanessa says make sure you use a latex paint only. And by the way, the price for the plants and soil was only $21.

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