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May 6, 10:40 p.m.

Dallas County Teacher is a Class Act

"It's the foundation for the rest of their lives and I'm glad that I'm a part of it," is how kindergarten teacher Gloria Graham views the first year of a student's formal education. She teaches kindergarten at Valley Grande Elementary.

Her colleagues say she's great at what she does, making a valuable contribution to her students' lives. 2nd grade teacher Janice Stockman says, "I think it sets the foundation of structured time. It sets the foundation for study skills, for the intrinsic motivation to make good grades, to try to achieve. I think all of those are set a lot in kindergarten. I think it's very vital."

Graham has taught here for 11 years. Her fellow teachers say she's always eager to help out with a project or devote extra time for her students. But those are just some of her skills. Principal Calvin Vance says, "her greatest asset is the way she communicates with the parents. I'm getting ready for registration next year and I have parents calling and requesting, 'may you put my child in Ms. Graham's class?'"

Graham doesn't just focus on academic development. She builds character as well. Recently she led her kindergartners to take part in a fund raiser to help cancer patients. She feels it's important they learn now the value of giving. "We want them to grow up to be adults that help in our world, and if you start teaching them now, then you know when they get older, it's going to already be there," says Graham.

For the past seven years Graham has served as a mentor to new teachers. She also co-sponsors Girl Scouts.

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