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May 7, 6:30 a.m.

Clemency Denied for Lynda Lyon Block

Governor Don Siegelman has denied a clemency request from death row inmate Lynda Lyon Block. He received Block's handwritten request for a reprieve in the mail last week. In it, she accused prosecutors of losing important files, bribery, even threatening lawyers. Governor Don Siegelman said Tuesday there was nothing in her petition or anything else that would indicate she was innocent of the crime she was convicted of.

Block and her common law husband George Sibley were convicted of capital murder. The two shot police officer Roger Motley repeatedly in 1993. Motley's wife Juanita told WSFA she would never forget what it did to her family. She said she would go to Friday's execution, but she wasn't sure if she'd witness it, explaining it may be more than she could take.

WSFA will have live team coverage Thursday and Friday at Hollman Prison in Atmore for Friday morning's execution of Lynda Lyon Block.

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