Resolution that Established Seal


"WHEREAS, the City of Montgomery, a municipal corporation, has for many years had a very plain Seal, and

WHEREAS, this old historic city, the first Capitol of the Confederate States of America, is so steeped in traditions that it should have a Seal which is symbolic of at least a part of its grand and noble history, and

WHEREAS, on February 18, 1861, the Honorable Jefferson Davis took his oath of office as President of the Confederate States of America on the portico of the Capitol Building in the City of Montgomery, which spot is marked by a star.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, that a new Seal be and it is hereby adopted as the official Seal of the City of Montgomery.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said new Seal shall contain the words "City of Montgomery, Alabama, Great Seal" in its outer circle and that in the inner circle shall be a six-pointed Star, patterned after the star marking the spot on which President Davis took his Oath of Office, and imprinted upon said star shall be the words "Cradle of the Confederacy."

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following design be and the same is hereby approved for said official Seal of the City of Montgomery, Alabama:" (Pictured at top left of this story)

(Adopted May 27, 1952)