Pike County Man Credits Teenager And Stranger For Saving His Property And Maybe His Life

Goshen Man Grateful To Teenager And Stranger
Goshen Man Grateful To Teenager And Stranger

The way Bill McMaster tells it, he came so close to losing it all.

"Not something I want to think about," said McMaster.

It all unfolded around 7 Wednesday morning.

"I guess I didn't get to the door fast enough so they started banging on the door," McMaster recalled.

On the other side of that door was 16-year old Nick McClendon, a student at Goshen High School.

"That worried me a little bit," said the teenager.

Worried that Bill McMaster had no clue his garbage can was on fire. McClendon and his family were driving to school and just happen to glance over at McMaster's property.

"I saw the fire and it started spreading," said McClendon.

McMaster took just one look from his front porch and noticed the flames licking the ceiling of his carport and the back of his pick up truck, a truck loaded down with fuel.

At this point in the drama it was a race against time. McMaster hurriedly pulled his burning truck out of the carport while another stranger showed up and used the garden hose to put out the fire.

"This house was built in 1928 and it's heart-pine. It wouldn't take much to get it started," said McMaster.

When it was over Bill McMaster had a burned-up garbage can, part of his truck had melted and burn marks on the carport ceiling. Nothing though compared to what could have happened.

"I was laying down just 10 feet away. It would have blown me away," said McMaster.

And by the way; what started the blaze?

"The only thing I can think of is I replaced a battery in my flashlight and threw the old one in the trash can. No one in this house smokes," said McMaster.

McMaster just happens to be a member of the Goshen town council. He plans to privately and publicly 'thank' McClendon at the next council meeting. McMaster says he doesn't know who the stranger was that stopped by.

Nick McClendon, meantime, went on to that school that morning thinking what he had done wasn't that big of a deal. Bill McMaster disagrees, a grateful man thank for that pounding on the door.