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Driveway Patrol - Does It Work?

Today's does it work product is one for those who want a little extra protection from intruders, surprise visitors, or maybe just to help keep track of your kids. David Hagood tries out the driveway patrol in this edition of does it work. DeDe Vice said "when it goes off you have time to get to the door, get out of the pool be ready when guest arrive." she is talking about the "Driveway Patrol" it's basically a motion sensor that send a signal to the receiver letting you know when someone or something is approaching. DeDe likes to lounge by the pool... so we thought that would be the perfect place to test out the driveway patrol. Sense the product is wireless we decided to test it out not on the driveway but on the front door. Even though DeDe and her family have an alarm she placed the unit so if anything came onto the porch it should go off. Now she's off to the pool, not only carrying a good magazine but the driveway patrol as well. Just about the time she sat down... she had a visitor and the driveway patrol did alert DeDe with a tone. So it works, but there are a few things that you should know about the Driveway Patrol. One, is that it's range is only about 400 feet. It also runs off of 2 c batteries and one 9 volt battery. Those will have to be changed often, and the price, $19.99. To DeDe that's not a bad price at all for what you get... and what you get is a does it work product that works. The driveway patrol is totally waterproof and is very easy to install. We found our unit at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Montgomery.

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