Trinity Soccer Heads North

It's been a successful spring for the Trinity Wildcats. Last week, the girls' tennis team won the state championship. Now, the boys soccer team has its sights set on the first-place trophy.

Trinity Coach Dan Cleveland always tells his players to leave nothing unfinished, "Have no regrets. Play with all your heart so when the game's over you can look back and say I did everything possible for the team."

This week, giving it their all, means getting up before sunrise to practice before school starts. For teenagers who would like nothing more than to sleep in - that's quite a sacrifice, one these guys are making because their semi-final game starts Friday morning at 9 a.m.

"It's rough. It was rough at first. But, we're getting a little bit more used to it. I think it's helping prepare us to go further in the playoffs," says Brian Dupree.

Trinity net minder Walker Fain says, "At first it was a little rough. I didn't like it very much, but we're getting starting to get used to it, acclimating to getting up early."

Fain takes the lead in the fall as Trinity's quarterback, but in this type of football, he's the Wildcats' last line of defense.  It's up to him to keep the other team from putting the ball in the net.  He says you just have to be prepared, " ready for whatever comes your way. Think fast, step to the ball. Don't be intimidated by anything. If a guy jumps up in front of your goal and you've got to take him out, you've got to take him out."

The Wildcats play the second-ranked team in the state, Altamont, Friday morning in Huntsville. If Trinity wins, they'll play Saturday morning - for the state championship.