Guest Editorial: Live the Dream

This past weekend many of us celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with planned programs, marches, and other festivities to commemorate and immortalize King's accomplishments.

Dr. King's vision speaks of racial equality, unity, global peace, and love for one another. As we reflect on this vision we must use it as a platform to eradicate the prejudices, injustices, and crimes that exist in the black communities. As African Americans we must recognize that by our own hands we are destroying the vision that Dr. King and so many others sacrificed their lives for.

We now see that black on black crime is an ever increasing issue. We are losing our young men and women to drugs, violence, gangs, and prostitution. Therefore, the blame can no longer be placed on the "white man". The decision is ours. Each of us has a choice. We may choose to allow our circumstances to determine our future or we may choose to live out our dreams.

Not only should we dream but we should make every effort to work to make those dreams reality. Now is the time to write that book that you've contemplated. Today is the day to start that business that you've dreamed of or go back to college and finish your degree. Inside all of us, there is a life changing dream. What you do today can and will effect a generation to come. Dr. King lived out his dream and many of us have benefited from his perseverance. Where would we be if Dr. King had blamed the "white man" and never taken a stand? Don't let Dr. King's efforts become just another song.