Covering Crenshaw County: First Black Mayor In Dozier

Crenshaw County has its first black mayor.

Former Mayor R.R. "Bud" Johnson, who spent 50 years in office, died in December.  WSFA 12 News reporter Daniel Curtis spoke to Johnson's successor, Mayor Vester Burnette.

The passing of Johnson left the town council of Dozier with a difficult task, finding his replacement.  So, they turned to one of their own, knowing they would be making history for Crenshaw County.

Despite his new office, Mayor Burnette says, "I don't feel any different from what I did when I was on council." But, his new job brought about a new milestone, when he was sworn in he became the first African American mayor in Crenshaw County. Burnette says, "Well it's going to take time to get adjusted to this, and there is a lot that needs to be done."

Mayor Burnette is aware of what lies ahead of him, and one, is picking up where Mr. Johnson left off. He says, "One day history had to be made, it's just that it's huge shoes to fill." Mayor Burnette has called Dozier home for more than 50 years, and had served on the town council for over 20.

The council now has 60 days to fill Burnette's old seat as district 1 councilman.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis