Drought Update: Still No Water Management Plan in Place

Buddy Morgan
Buddy Morgan

There's good news and bad news on the ongoing drought in Alabama. Experts say if winter and spring rainfall totals are close to normal, Alabama's lakes should rise to near normal levels by summer.

But Montgomery Water Works Director Buddy Morgan pointed out in a speech Wednesday that the state has yet to draft a comprehensive water management plant. Morgan told a group of young republicans the plan is crucial in managing future water shortages.

"I hope after this drought, we get a plan that says, when you get these kinds of triggers, you do this, this and this -- boom, boom, boom," Morgan explained.

Morgan says he's not optimistic that state politicians will get the job done. Instead, he says it may take water works officials on the local level coming together and submitting their own plan to the state.

In recent years, Alabama, Georgia and Florida have battled over how to share water between the states. The so-called water war was heightened in light of the ongoing drought. The states have yet to come up with an official water sharing agreement.