Editorial : The Big Switch

TV as you know it will be obsolete in about 500 days.

It will be better.

All analog broadcasts will cease per congressional mandate. WSFA currently broadcasts both an analog and digital signal.

Per law, all television stations must stop broadcasting in analog on February 17, 2009, rendering your analog television sets obsolete. If you subscribe to paid cable, satellite or telephone television you won't be affected by the switchover.

You could also purchase a converter box to convert the digital broadcast into analog format and there is a voucher program allowing each household to get two $40 coupons to purchase them.

If you get your television service through an antenna, you'll need to buy a new TV with a digital tuner.

Our website has a special section, The Big Switch that provides more detail. Digital television offers dramatically clearer pictures and better sound quality.

It will be the most significant advancement in television since color TV was invented  50 years ago.