Editorial : Feedback on Baggy Pants

You deluged us with email comments on our guest editorial on baggy pants.

Walter Barden from Prattville:

"Mark Bullock should do his saying as "pull 'em up" and they should do like Atlanta and arrest them..."

Chrystal Ingram from Dadeville:

"I am 27 years old and I would never give a guy wearing them a second glance..."

Joe Barber from Eclectic:

"I am a retired, old-school administrator who tried to curb the trend years ago..."

Rose Chapman from Montgomery:

"This is not a fashion.  This is a disgrace to our young people..."

Dejerilyn King Henderson from Troy:

"More parents need rules that help them take control of their homes, and children..."

Linda Donaldson from Prattville:

"These young people have no idea how much this look is hurting them..."

Teresa Roberson from Wetumpka:

"There was a time when they would have been arrested for indecent exposure.  You hope that things like this are just fads but this one seems to be hanging on too long..."

Cindy Mims from Montgomery:

"I never miss an opportunity to let them know how ridiculous they look with their pants down...I have written the Mayor's assistant asking that the city of Montgomery impose the same law that Atlanta has for those that think they are looking good with those baggy pants. Dallas also has the same law, why can't we?"

John Smith from Montgomery:

"Because something is not popular doesn't mean that it should be illegal...Think of all the fashion trends that have been unpopular - Pat Boone's white shoes, Beatle haircuts, t-shirts, men's earrings...Fortunately no one responded to suggestions to make these illegal and fine or imprison free thinking people..."

And I.J. Washington from Montgomery:

"We have in this country what most other countries don't have - tolerance. This land was founded on that one principle alone.  To have a State tell a person what they can and can't wear is only going to create a monster that we not only don't need, but don't want as well.  Let's let people be people.  Name one parent that ever liked what their kids had on. It's a generation gap, no more, no less, but to let our government step in and start to tell us as people what to or how to wear something is just wrong..."

We appreciate all of your feedback!