Dothan to I-10 Connection

People in south Alabama have pushed for a better connection to interstate ten, citing more jobs and a stronger economy, and the governor's plan may clear that path.  But there are a couple of hurdles to cross.

"I'm optomistic that something will happen to get that done," said Joe McInnis, director of the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Members from the Alabama Department of Transportation meet earlier this week to discuss finances in the possible I-10 connection for southeast Alabama.

The connection could become a toll road, which would mean faster completion to the project. The next step now is a partnership with Florida. The two states now plan to meet in the near future to discuss their involvement in the project.

"It's sorely needed.  It would be a great economic boost with the new airport going in down there at panama city," says McInnis.

Houston County stands benefit as well.

Chairman of the Houston County Commission, Mark Culver, said, "We just believe its a tremendous oppotunity. Once its located here it'll create an economic impact."

One that could mean big business for both the county and city of Dothan.

"Particulary if it's going to tie into Interstate 10 and open the market to the east and the west for our industries here," said Culver.

President of the Dothan Chamber of Commerce, Matt Parker said, "This area is growing very good.  Getting that additional infastruture, limited access highway into your area and obviously seeing it continue to grow and prosper and create more eceonomic oppotunities is a primary objective."

Officials say the road would start at 231 around the Midland City area and run west of the city of Dothan and connect to I-10 in Florida.

If the connection becomes a toll road, that means work could start and finish in under five years.