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May 10, 4:40 p.m.

Gardening Cents - Mailbox Flowers

When you think of creating a flower bed you might want to plant it by your front door or near your home. But in today's Garden Cents, Jeff Gerber gets the help of horticulturist Vanessa Farmer and they say "think out of the box" - the mailbox in fact.

Do you ever drive by a house and say 'that's gorgeous' or 'why don't they do something about that'? Most people do, and nothing says welcome to a home like a beautiful planting around a mailbox. Special flowers around the mailbox give a home curb appeal.

The first thing we did was decide the size and shape of the bed around our mailbox. Vanessa says because your main focus should be your front door, your mailbox flower bed shouldn't be too big. Then we got started by picking up some sod around the mailbox, it's just some bermuda and we're going to skim that up and maybe if there's a bare spot in the yard we can transplant it. Then we build up some good soil around the box.

Next, we added plenty of soil amendment, to elevate our flowers. Vanessa decided for our mailbox to use two colors that are on opposite ends of the color table. "We got some beautiful Stella Diora daylilies that are gorgeous that bloom all summer with a sweet yellow bloom. The beautiful yellow bloom attracts butterflies so I've chosen it to go towards the back of the mailbox, because it will be a little bit taller. I have chosen a variety of verbena for the front because I want it to climb over the curb a little bit just to soften the edges of the curb , then you can trim it and actually root it and plant it other places in the yard," remarks Vanessa.

After planting our verbena, Vanessa again reminded us to plant the daylilies in odd numbers. After removing them from the container, you'll need to break up the roots so that they'll take hold once transplanted to the bed. When all the verbena and daylilies were planted, we topped with a good amount of mulch and like everything else, Vanessa says give it a good watering!!

The whole project only cost us a little over $20. By the way, because Vanessa says daylilies will bloom all summer long, and because they're one of the fuller flowering plants, you get a lot of bang for you buck!!

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