Four Children Laid to Rest

Losing a child is unfathomable, but four is too much to bear.  Saturday, at Bayou Le Batre's Community Center, hundreds offered a shoulder to cry on.

"I heard the news, and it's just heart breaking because I lost a child, explained resident Diane Wheeler.

The mother, Kieu Ngoc Phan, sat shaking as the memorial service for her children played out.

She was distraught yet grateful of the support for her family.

"This has helped us to see that the community is really there.  Something bad has to happen for good people to step in," explained Kam Phengisiomboum, the family spokesman.

After search and recovery teams spent weeks combing the Gulf Coast, the community kept giving--donating hundreds of dollars for the funeral and packing the community center to pay their final respects.

"Everything was beautiful. The people showing up was beautiful.  The family was touched," Phengisiomboum.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke