Barack Obama Speaks to Voters in Alabama

Thousands cheered Democrat Barack Obama who spoke for over an hour in Birmingham Sunday. The Illinois senator and presidential candidate spoke about his message of change that helped him win the South Carolina primary a day earlier.

Obama touched on issues including the economy, health care, Social Security and ending the war in Iraq.

The crowd filled the 9,000-seat Bartow Arena at UAB. Banners reading "Alabama Loves Barack" were hoisted next to campaign furnished signs bearing the slogan "Change We Can Believe In."

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee also spoke to Birmingham voters over the weekend. Most of the other republicans are campaigning in Florida, prior to Tuesday's primary.

Obama's chief democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, asked Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones to campaign for her in Mobile. The congresswoman attended church Sunday morning and spoke at Clinton's Mobile headquarters.

Alabama's presidential primaries will be February 5th.