Covering Houston County: Fatal Chase Accident Under Investigation In Wicksburg

On Monday, the Houston County Sheriff's department, released the dash cam video from the high speed chase that killed 15-year-old Whitney Lake.

Currently the driver of the vehicle, Robert Wills is behind bars charged with murder.

Houston County Sheriffs Deputy Sgt. Tracey Ward was responding to call when he noticed a pick-up truck parked on dead end road.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Highes said, "He (Sgt. Ward) encountered it parked there, with the windows steamed up and also surveyed a white male subject as the driver with no shirt on. Due to the reasonable suspicion that a crime was maybe being committed Sgt. Ward attempted to make contact with the individual the driver Mr. Wills."

At approximately 6:12 pm, Sgt. Ward began pursuing Robert Wills. The chase lasted around 2 and a half minutes before Wills lost control of the truck that, he and 15-year-old Whitney Lake were riding in.

Lake was thrown from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

Wills has been charged with murder. He is currently behind bars in the Houston County Jail without bond.  The case is still under investigation, and WSFA 12 News is told Wills could face additional charges.

The Sheriff says they suspect sexual contact was made between Wills and Lake. Evidence is being tested to determine if a felony was committed.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis