Celebrating 50 Years of Legos!

They've been around for 3 generations of kids and they're still a favorite!

Lego is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

These colorful little bricks, a children's must have for years and years and years.

Believe it or not, the original lego brick turned 50 years old today.

Master Lego Builder Dan Steininger says "50 years ago, they came up with the patent for the lego plastic brick that we all know and love today."

Workers at the Denmark-based Lego headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut celebrated in a big way with cake, balloons, and a who's who of Lego guests.

Dan Steininger says "this is it, this is the birthday for, this little guy right here."

And the lego brick is so popular, even the internet search engine Google recognized the milestone on its homepage.

Legos hold a special place in the heart's of the Google founders who used lego bricks to make a box which held the search engines first hard disks.

In fact, a Google search found more than 77 million references to lego bricks, while there are 56,000 lego videos on the YouTube site.

Proving legos are still populat today as they were a half century ago!