Enterprise Mayor Speaks About City Memorials For Tornado Victims

A fateful anniversary is approaching soon. Enterprise suffered a terrible blow on March 1st last year when a twister hit the city killing 9 people including 8 Enterprise High School students. Now, the city is making plans to remember those victims.

Nearly 11 months after the deadly storm, much of the damage has been cleaned up, but what happened will never be forgotten. To commemorate the one year anniversary, on February 29th students are invited to Hillcrest Baptist Church at 5:30pm for a special concert featuring a piece composed just for the high school.

The University of Alabama's Wind Ensemble will be performing "Enterprise" a tribute to Enterprise High School.

Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell spoke to WSFA 12 News about the memorials. He says, "We had an opportunity. The University of Alabama actually wanted to come down and perform the piece. When we saw that opportunity we incorporated it into the anniversary of the tornado."

After the first concert, the whole community is invited to a second service at 7:30pm at the church.

The mayor tells WSFA 12 News says the services, "...Will just re solidify what we have been saying for the last year of how united the city is and how close knit the city is. It will allow us to embrace one another in both celebration and memory of those who have lost their lives during that particular day because of limited seating, attendance for both services will be on a first come basis."

Due to traffic concerns, anyone going to the second service at 7:30pm, is asked to arrive no earlier than 7pm.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis