Guest Editorial: The Power of Prayer

Guest Editorial

By: Calvin D. Johnson The Power of Prayer 1-30-08

What if there were a way to combat the senseless crime and heinous violence in Montgomery and neighboring cities.

Or a way to bring healing to your marriage; peace at your workplace; prosperity in your life and in the lives of those you love?

The answer lies in the power of prayer.

Need proof?

After 9-11, President Bush asked the nation to pray.

We did...and we came together in unity and love.

In the midst of last year's extreme drought, many believers prayed for rain....and rain came.

Recently, residents in Peoria, Illinois prayed to curb the crime that was plaguing their neighborhoods... and criminal activity declined.

Can it happen here?

Several evangelical churches in Montgomery have formed the Montgomery House of Prayer and Worship.

Members believe, once unified prayer, we will see the atmosphere of our city, state, and nation change.

I believe we can take back our neighborhoods, our schools, and our prayer at a time.