Covering Barbour County: Eufaula Company Cutting Back

Officials with the Dixon Lumber Company in Eufaula told employees they are being forced to make cut backs, 140 to be exact.

Dixon Lumber has been in business in the Eufaula community for 80 years. Company President Bob Dixon says the decision to layoff the workers is due in part to the slumping economy and the slow housing market.

"They're one of the main employers in the Eufaula area and not only them, but all the people that associate with them like the loggers and the timber folks that's been selling their logs over there, they got to go find someplace else to sell their logs now," says Lee Lawrence a local business owner.

Dixon Lumber isn't the first Eufaula Company to make cut backs this year.  Wellstone Mills, a textile company recently shut its doors.