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May 13, 10:40 p.m.

Lanier H.S. Teacher is a Class Act

The U.S. Army may have stopped using the slogan, 'be all you can be,' but that philosophy is alive and well in Yolanda Huntley's classroom; she pushes students to be their best. "From the Sistine Chapel to the Trans-continental railroad, nothing that's worth having has come without some pain, some blood, some sweat, some tears," she says.

Huntley's students at Lanier High School are appreciative of her efforts. 12th grader Teela Wilson says, "Ms. Huntley is a great teacher. She makes sure all her students are well informed and prepared for the future. She let's us know that everything is earned. You must deserve your victory."

Huntley teaches honors English and AP English. At Lanier everyone knows students who come to her classroom have to be prepared to work. Principal Lewis Washington, Jr. says, "they all can't get A's, they all can't make B's. But she pushes them to get the very most out of whatever they have academically; and she does a wonderful job of doing that."

Student Kirbie Bodiford says, "it's good, because if you never go through a challenge in life, you'll always want somebody to give you something."

Huntley teaches seniors; and sees herself as the last stop before they move on to the next level. She says it's imperative they're ready for whatever lies ahead. "I've been blessed to interact with some wonderful students; and if I don't give them all that I know to give them, then I feel that I have failed them," Huntley says.

Huntley is the head of Lanier's English department. She holds tutoring sessions before and after school; and serves as a peer teacher to help new educators.

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