Young Voters Could Turn the Tide in Presidential Election

Presidential candidates have often overlooked young voters.  They don't believe they are actively involved in the process," said Jeff Johnson with "The Black Youth Vote!"

This year the face of the voter is changing - it's more youthful. Organizers of events like the Black Youth Rally at Alabama State University want to educate and inform young voters. They understand that young voters may likely decide who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. One student at the rally said, "We need as students need to promote and empower ourselves."

It's that enthusiasm that has Alabama election officials preparing for and anticipating a large turnout Tuesday. "We're seeing a lot of excitement about next Tuesday," said Jean Brown with the Secretary of State's Office.

Brown senses the energy among young voters who could be the driving force for a record turnout in Alabama. "They're energized. There is a lot of excitement really mattering this year," she tells us.

America's youth are inspired knowing, as a group, their votes could turn the tide in this pivotal election. "If these students can be a catalyst for a larger wave of students, then they become more and more serious to candidates running for office," believes Johnson.

So which candidate would benefit from a large turnout of young voters? Experts say, if you look at the numbers, Barack Obama.  They encourage all voters, young or otherwise, to study the candidates before they cast their ballots.

The Secretary of State's Office tells WSFA 12 News that Hillary Clinton's campaign has called asking if it could have two lawyers in the office Tuesday night. The Secretary of State gave them the go ahead.