CD Scratch Repair Kit - Does It Work?

If you like listening to music, and don't like it when the favorite part of your song starts skipping because of a scratch. Today's Does It Work product is suppose to cure your scratchy music blues. For most disc's are part of our everyday lives. From computer disc, to music compact disks and now dvd's. Most of the time they work great, but occasionally they get scratched. When that happens, you normally have to chunk it but before you do that, there could be help. If the CD Scratch Repair Kit does what it says you'll be listening to your favorite tune in no time. First you place the cd label side down on disc platform. Then, after shaking the scratch remover solution, apply 2 drops to the problem area. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Then using one of the clothes that come in the kit, you just buff the area in straight lines from the center. After buffing, you take the cleaner, polisher, and sealer spray.... squirt it once onto the disk, then wipe gently again in straight lines from the inside out. It appears that the scratch is gone. But there's only one way to really find out. And that is to play that cd. Song 5 played perfectly... but there is bad news to report. Just 3 songs later, the scratch is still there. The scratch repair kit comes with enough solution to clean more than 100 disc's. And for only $7.95 that's not a bad deal if only it worked, too bad it failed this test. The CD repair kits instruction's say that if even after using the repair kit the scratch is still there or if the cd is still skipping, the scratch maybe just too deep to fix. David found the repair kit at Wal-Mart.