Decision 2008: Update On County Referendum Races

Several counties in our coverage area held referendums on Super Tuesday.

Barbour County voters showed their support for an amendment to add new charges for homeowners to fund their volunteer fire department. 14 out of 15 precincts showed 55 percent in favor of the new charge.

The amendment will charge every homeowner 30 dollars, and each business 75 dollars to boost the efforts of local firefighters.

Crenshaw County residents voted down a referendum to bolster the county's emergency 911 service.  A $2 fee would have been tacked on to residents water bills.

The additional revenue would have been used to hire additional dispatchers and purchase a reverse 911 system. With 90% reporting 1,128 voted yes and 1,799 voted no.

In Macon County, with 95% reporting, residents voted in favor of a school board amendment. 79% of voters chose for the election of board of education members from four single member districts and the county at large - to instead provide staggered six year terms of office. 21% voted no.

It appears voters in Pike County have approved a plan to allow local courts to set their own court costs. Some of that money would go to help fund the operations of the district attorney's office.

With 28 of 29 precincts in so far, 52% have voted for the amendment and 48% voted against it. We are told that last precinct will be made of absentee ballots.

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