The Neat Sheet - Does It Work?

You can use it at the beach, the pool, the lake, even the kitchen. It's called the "Neat Sheet" and it's supposed to repel sand, water, even some paints. But does it work like it says it will? Our "Does It Work" guy, David Hagood takes the Neat Sheet to a little league field to give it a try. Carolyn Rowell and her family are at the ball park at least 3 nights a week and there has been times she's been caught in the rain. When that happens Carolyn says "you run for your car as fast as you can." You wouldn't have to run so fast if you had the Neat Sheet. Because it claims it can do it all. Like repel water and sand, stay cool in the hot sun and it has it's own built in weights to keep the neat sheet anchored to the ground. The ground at the little league field was a little wet from the afternoon watering, but from where Carolyn was sitting she couldn't tell if the ground was wet or not. "The neat sheet, works, I'm dry, i think I'm dry, actually I'm very dry." To find out if the neat sheet really worked we asked Carolyn and her friend to sit under the the synthetic fibers while we poured a cup of water directly over their heads, they agreed and the test was on. The water just rolled off of the Neat Sheet just like the instructions said. And underneath, all dry, Carolyn said they could feel cold but "we're all dry." So to answer the question does it work? Yes, the Neat Sheet works... it works great! After searching for awhile, David finally found the Neat Sheet at Wal-Mart at a very reasonable price... $7.94. By the way it is machine washable.

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