Longtime Basketball Coach Robbed at East Side Discount Store

It's disturbing crime story for anyone who shops in Montgomery's highest profile shopping area.

Last Thursday night, a local basketball coach was walking in a driving rain toward the front door of a local discount store near Chantilly Parkway.

Before he got there, two men in a car cut him off, held him at gunpoint and took everything he had.

Jon Shamburger says he's thankful he's physically ok, but it's hard to shake off such a random crime.

"You know, you've been threatened and someone has your belongings," he said.

Shamburger has coached basketball at Trinity for 18 years and usually calls his family after wins and losses, but never something like this.

"I just let them know that I was just held up at gunpoint at Target," the coach said.

He had just left dinner with his family, and dropped by Target to pick up a few things on his way home.

In a driving rain, Shamburger started running from his car for the front door, but two men had other ideas.

"I was probably 20 yards from the front door when this car cut me off in front of the handicapped parking section," he explained. "And as he cut me off, guy got out on the passenger side got out wielding a gun."

Shamburger says he instantly realized what was happening and tried to get away - but slipped in the rainwater. The robber kept the gun on a bead and ordered Shamburger to throw his wallet in the air. He says he was numb with fear.

"Just think about it. I'm really lucky because anytime he held the gun on me he easily could have pulled the trigger," he said.

Shamburger is puzzled the robbers would hit him in one of the highest traffic and more affluent shopping areas in Montgomery, and frustrated that two witnesses saw everything, but were too scared to testify.

"It's just disturbing. I hate to think that people are that scared that they can't even give a description of the vehicle," said Shamburger.

Which is why he decided to speak with us.

"You don't hear about it enough and it just needs to be known that it's happening and people need to be aware of their surroundings," said the coach.

We asked Target's corporate office for the store's reaction to all this but the company never responded to our call or email.

Shamburger provided Montgomery Police with a basic description of both suspects and told investigators the car is a green four door sedan - possibly an acura.

MPD has few leads in the case but says it's not aware of any other robberies like this one.