Dothan Tourism Gearing Up for Spring

Spring is around the corner and for some that means trips to the beach. Whether young or old, there's a good chance your driving through Dothan to get there.  But before you drive on through, members of the visitors bureau, tell us Dothan has a lot to offer.

Bob Hendrix knows Dothan is a stopping point for many beach goers. He said, "theres more people in Atlanta than the whole state of Alabama so half of them go to the beach this way so they come right through Dothan."

Hendrix who works for the Dothan Convention and Visitors Bureau and he wants all travelers to know the city is a great place to stop for a day.

"Better hotel rates. We definitely have lower gas prices. and we also have many many restaurants for them to choose from," said Hendrix.

And for those that do end of driving through the city, downtown is one of the places they're trying to get them to come. Whether it's to the civic center, or the opera house, even if it's to see some of the murals painted on some of the city buildings.

Hendrix says, "we hve dinner theatres, we have museums, we have a murals downtown so we try to show them all these extra little items that we do have and then they'll send the night on dothan maybe one more night."

The city also calls itself the amatuer sports capital of Alabama. They actively recruit sports tournaments and this April they'll host the USTA $75,000 Womens Professional Challenge.

And that tennis tournament, well it's a precurser to the French Open.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis