Tuskegee Cracks Down on Illegal Gun Violence

Tuskegee Police Chief Lester Patrick sees it all too often: guns--illegally modified or used without a proper license.

"I'm not going to try to sugar coat it.  It's a big problem," Patrick explained.

Through drug raids and routine traffic stops, officers typically seize one or two weapons every day.

It's a pattern Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford wants to break.

Ford joins a coalition more than 250 mayors from across the country--all pledging to curb illegal gun use in any way possible.

With many of the nation's biggest cities on board, Ford says the message is universal.

"Whether it's a large city, like Montgomery or New York or Boston--or Tuskegee, we all feel the same way," Ford said.

Prevention of gun violence is a cause near and dear to the city's heart.

Last April, Canon Jones, 18, died in an attempted robbery along Old Montgomery Road.

By cracking down crime--and educating the public on legal gun use, city leaders hope to make the streets of Tuskegee a safer.

"It's a community kind of thing that all of us need to work together on to make it work," Ford explained.

With added emphasis on gun safety and education, authorities remain vigilant in their fight against crime.

"It's something we do constantly, and we've been taking guns off the streets for years and we'll continue to do so," Patrick said.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke