Houston County Farm Center Ready To Serve In Case of Emergency

Next week Farley Nuclear Plant will hold a response exercise. In that exercise they'll be following guidelines in place in case a incident was to occur. Now the guideline says the Houston County Farm Center is the evacuation reception center for Farley.

But earlier in the week, there were concerns about the status of the farm center, whether or not it was closed.

That's why Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver wants to set things straight. The farm center is still operational.

It's just what the building is being used for has changed.

Culver says, "it's closed to rental for entertainment events. But the building is not closed and padlocked and going to be torn down, thats not the case at all."

The farm center stopped hosting entertainment events because needs have changed.

The arena isn't heated well, and lacks some of the modern ammenities that people look for when booking events but, Culver says the county will still use many of the buildings out there.

"We're using the facility for storage," said Culver

Even though the facility is being used for storage officials say in case of an evacuation they can easily have it ready.

"Obviously if we have an incident we can get all that stuff out of there. and the building will be used to protect the citizens that we serve," says Culver.

The farm center center could also be used as a hurricane shelter, if neccessary.

The farm center isnt just one building.  Its 11 buildings located on a 35 acre site.