Economy Crunch Hurting Local Food Banks

With a sputtering economy, you can find problems cropping up almost everywhere you look.

High prices and credit crunches already affect people nationwide--in more ways than you think.

Parke Hinman and the Montgomery Area Food bank have had difficulty supplying their warehouse for about a year.

Now that money is scarce across the country--and at home--it's a problem that only gets worse.

"The expenses involved in distributing it--in getting it, transporting it, and distributing it--are all going up," Hinman explained.

With 25 counties to serve, the food bank supplies 12,000,000 pounds of food per year.

However, the growing lack of "spending" money for Alabamians means donors have a hard time coming up with cash to help out.

"Some people who want to donate and were donating, may not be able to," Hinman said.

But the MAFB hopes the economy won't disrupt business in months to come.

"We're counting on our support base in this Greater Montgomery area to keep giving us the resources that will allow us to do that," Hinman explained.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke