South Alabama Jailer Arrested, Faces More Than 30 Sexual Abuse Charges

Former Covington County Jailer Faces A 'Mountain' Of Sexual Abuse Charges
Former Covington County Jailer Faces A 'Mountain' Of Sexual Abuse Charges

Andalusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams has seen a lot in his 35 years in law enforcement. The case against 28-year-old Benjamin Moore ranks near the top.

"It's a disgusting situation," Williams said.

Last week city detectives got a tip that Moore, a Covington County jailer, sexually abused 3 children.

"We filed 2 sodomy charges, class A felonies and filed 7 sexual abuse charges. The victims are under 12-years old," said Chief Williams.

Investigators say the alleged sexual abuse occurred over a 2-year period and some of it took place in Moore's own home on Railroad Avenue in Andalusia.

"We have compelling evidence and when this goes to trial he faces a mountain of evidence," Williams said.

Covington County Sheriff Dennis Meeks says Moore passed a background check when he was hired last May.

"We can do it 3 or 4 times and if there's nothing, there's nothing there," Meeks said.

"We could always do those psychological tests and try to delve deeper but those tests are expensive and cost prohibitive for small towns and rural counties," said Chief Williams.

Sources close to the case say Moore has confessed. He is not being held in the Covington County Jail but rather at another jail in another county. Sheriff Meeks declined to say which county. A judge set Benjamin Moore's bond at $3.4 million dollars, a record for Covington County.

If Moore is convicted he could get a life term but a shot at parole after 10 years.  Court records show for now he does not have an attorney.

Moore has already had his first court appearance. His case is expected to go before a grand jury in June.