Update on Civil Rights Icon Johnnie Carr

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- WSFA 12 News spoke with Arlam Carr Thursday evening and he reports that his mother is still in the same condition.

Mrs. Carr, one of Alabama's best known civil rights icons, remains hospitalized after suffering a stroke on Monday.

Carr, who is a longtime employee of WSFA 12 News himself, told us Tuesday that his mother is still in stable condition. Though she is unable to speak, she can hold her son's hand.

Johnnie Carr was one of Rosa Parks' best friends and a Montgomery Bus Boycott organizer.  She also helped lead the fight to integrate Alabama schools using the court system.

Carr is no stranger to television cameras. Anyone who has spent time with her knows she is a powerful story teller.

"We need you to carry on, to do what you need to do," she told a crowd at a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration a few years back.

"Get your education, obey your parents and your leaders. Don't get mixed up in drugs and that type of things that are happening in our community," she exhorted the young people there.

Which is one reason so many people are interested in her well being.

"A lot of ministers and friends and board members from the Montgomery Improvement Association were out there with the family," said family friend Doris Crenshaw.

Carr helped lead the bus boycott, and she also took on government in the courtroom, suing to get her son into a good public school.

Through it all, Carr has kept her dignity and humor in those 50 plus years.

"She is very quick to let you know she's 97 years old," said State Senator Quinton Ross, one of the beneficiaries of Carr's 1950's activism.

He says Carr's function now is acting as a living history.

"She's a champion of young people getting involved in the process and living to be model citizens and doing the right thing to make a difference in this world," Ross said.

Medics took the 97 year old to the hospital Monday afternoon, and word quickly spread  throughout  the community.

Since then, her family says Carr has stabilized, and there is one good sign about her prognosis.

Despite her advanced age, hope also remains.

"As far as any side effects from the stroke, I did not discuss that but the family seems to be in good spirits," she said.