Editorial: Decision 2008

Every delegate counts perhaps more than ever before in an unprecedented pseudo national primary Super Tuesday.

This could well be the year that one or both parties enter national conventions in August and September with no candidate having enough delegates for the nomination.

Alabamians voted in June four years ago in the presidential primary.

Now we join more than half the states in voting in February and truly making more of an impact on who will lead us the next four years.

Exercise your precious right to vote and turn out in record numbers tomorrow for a presidential primary.

Young voters are making a difference this year, led in part by the leadership of a Montgomery physician, who's Redeem the Vote campaign impacted several primaries. Your voices are important. Be heard.

Be informed when you vote. WSFA.COM's Decision 2008 section of our website contains a survey that helps you see what candidate best matches your views on the issues.

Some suggest who may or may not be electable.

Bottom line, only you determine that with your vote!