Editorial: Making Progress

We learn early on the smaller the class size, the more attention we get.

So too with the latest Montgomery police department crime fighting strategy.

Breaking the city up into mobile precincts seems to have helped take back our neighborhoods.

Crime is down - continuing a trend from the second half of last year that was overshadowed by the escalating murder rate.

Now, the murder rate has fallen as well.

A new domestic violence docket in Montgomery Municipal Court also seems to be helping.

Another welcome change would be making sure repeat offenders stay locked up.

Changing the law to make all stolen gun cases felonies regardless of the value of the gun would be another positive crime fighting move.

Since nearly nine of every 10 crimes involved drugs, making inroads into the drug problem is the real key to sustained progress in the war on crime.

Crime is not outpacing our region's growth and all involved in the efforts to slow it should be encouraged to fight harder as the results are being recognized.