Flu Strikes Capital City

The hallways are a bit emptier at Alabama Christian Academy in Montgomery.

With flu cases on the rise, the number of kids calling in sick spiked in the past few weeks.

"About one hundred [students] a day [were] absent in the high school and 65 in our elementary," explained Dana Moorer, ACA's school nurse.

Public schools in Montgomery have also seen excessive absences due to the flu.  Still, some students still come to school with symptoms and spread the virus to others.

"They would be fine that morning, and after a few hours, they would have a temperature of 102 or more," Moorer said.

Local hospitals like Baptist Medical Center East see more than 100 patients per day--many of them have the flu--a good number of those cases are children.

Doctors say the symptoms are easy to spot.

"The patient has what we call general malaise--aches and pains, headache, and sore throat," explained Dr. Wallace Falero, Medical Director of Baptist East's ER.

With hundreds of kids getting sick at school, some parents are concerned their child may bring the flu home and pass it on to the entire family.

"Even my mom and dad got it.  They came over one night and they both came down with [the flu]," said mother Kristie Pearson.

It's yet another concern echoed by those treating the children--both at school and the emergency room.

"[If] you have multiple siblings in the same house, [. . .]it's very contagious between each other,"Falero explained.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke