Water World Preps for Upcoming Season

Dothans Water World is prepping for the season. They're installing new carpet and concrete around the wave pool and they're now hiring seasonal employees.

But another change at the park could have effects felt in your pocket.

During Dothans city commission meeting, general manager of Water World Robin Patrick presented a rate increase plan for the park.

Commissioners agreed to move forward, and now they'll vote on that increase at their next meeting.

So, if the increase is approved, childrens rates will go from $7 to $10, adults $9 to $12.

Senior citizens will still get in free.

So why the increase?

Officials say that's due to a rise in minimum wage. Another reason is that after 29 years as general manager Robin Patrick doesn't want to see the park close.

"We want it to be successful and we want it to be something that we can offer to the citizens of dothan, as well as bring people in to dothan from out of town," said Patrick.

And when those people show up they'll be greeted by some 70 plus seasonal employees.

Patrick says, "they are the heart and soul of the department there."

And it's not just water world that depends on these seasonal employees, the entire department benefits from the hires.

"We hire way over a hundred staff people for staff jobs," said Patrick.

If your interested in getting one of those jobs go to www.dothan.org and you can download a job application.

If you any questions about jobs or park rates you can call dothans leisure services department at 334-615-3700

Reporter: Daniel Curtis