Accused Movie Store Murderer Has Violent Past

The main suspect in the shootings of four people at a video store has killed before. 48-year-old Donald Ray Wheat of Shereys Mill was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for the fatal 1971 stabbing of a Clay County man. He was released sometime in the mid-1970s.

Wheat also is charged in a Carroll County, Georgia murder and convenience store robbery. Police Chief Wayne Chandler says its likely Wheat was involved in a the stabbing of a woman in Heflin on Monday.

But Wheat's son says his father is innocent because they were together Wednesday night at the time of the killings. 25-year-old Donald Edward Wheat of Ashland says his father and him were at his father's home on Clay County 31.

Officials say Wheat has only been charged with robbery, and would not say when or if additional charges will be filed. One of the shooting victims may prove to be the hero that led police to his killer. But it's unclear what he did.

Officials say a gun left behind at the Blockbuster Video led them to Wheat. The men -- two Blockbuster employees and two brothers browsing for videos -- were shot to death during the robbery. All but one was shot in the back of the head.