The Family of Hospitalized Marbury Teenager Responds

Loved ones will have a chance to say their final good-byes to the Marbury High School student killed in a car accident Thursday. Visitation for Devin Mackey is Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00 and the funeral will follow in the Marbury school gym.

In the meantime, the friend who was in the car with Devin continues to cling to life. 15 year old Marybeth Sewell remains in the Critical Care Unit at a local hospital.

The walk through the parking lot is one Marybeth Sewell's father and aunt know only too well. They've been making the trek to the hospital everyday since Thursday to be by Marybeth's side. Her aunt, Stephanie Sewell Piper, says Marybeth is making progress. "Marybeth is doing pretty good right now. She is squeezing our hand when we talk to her. She's nodding her head. She's doing a lot better than the first day she was brought in."

That first day was is one her family members say they will never forget although they wish they could. Her aunt couldn't believe the first time she saw Marybeth."She was very pale and her color was not good." Her father, Keith Sewell, was also upset about what he saw. "Her belly was really swollen and she was not conscious."

And, that's not all that was wrong on that first day. Marybeth Sewell was in a car that was smashed when it crashed Thursday morning with a log truck. She was air lifted to Baptist Hospital South. Her father was worried. "She had about a two or three inch gash on her liver. They repaired that and took her spleen out."

Her classmates and friends have not forgotten her as they keep pulling for her to get better. And, she was getting better until her father said they had a scare last night. "She had a little fever last night. So, they've got her sedated pretty good now. So, she's sleeping."

And, while Marybeth is sleeping her family is busy doing something else - hoping she'll soon return to that bubbly, energetic teenager they know so well. Her aunt says the past few days have been rough. "We haven't slept much. It's a feeling I can't describe. Lot of worry. Lot of praying." And, her father remains hopeful. "Lots of good Christian folks are looking out for us. Lots of prayer. She'll be fine."

On Saturday,  Marybeth's family said the doctors they tried to take her off the ventilator but that didn't go so well. So, she's back on it now and her family says they'll try again tomorrow.