Covering Covington County: Storm Cleanup Begins in Andalusia

Residents along Brooklyn Road in Andalusia spent the day surveying the damage left behind by yesterday's storms.

Roofs were torn from homes, trees snapped in two, and for Walter Bush, he experienced it all from inside his house.

Bush didn't expect a day like this saying, "It's a terrible thing, but it's a wonder."

Amazingly, he rode out the storm in his house and walked out without a scratch.

Bush was standing in the kitchen when his house was hit.

He remembers getting picked up off the floor, then it was all over. Now he's thanking a higher power.

"Jesus Christ done it, he done it for a reason somewhere down the line," said Bush.

That storm tore a wall clean off of Bush's house.

It snapped the trees in his yard right in half.

Further down Brooklyn Road a house was destroyed, luckily no one was living in it. Now, memories are scatter across the yard.

In Mary Lee Barnam's yard is her roof.

She saw the storm coming right at her say, "...and then I felt something, and it was just a terrible feeling. I called for my husband and he said he was there, and then it was all over just that quick," said Barnam.

Now neighbors are helping neighbors in this close knit community.

"Yes sir, this community hangs together," said Jack Hart, a neighbor of Walter Bush.

"I couldn't live nowhere else, I'm in a wonderful community. The people take care of people," said Bush.

Residents say they'll continue cleaning up over the next few days.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis