After the Storms: Lowndes County Community Hall Crushed, Six Trapped, Injured

The terror of Sunday's violent high winds wasn't just confined to the larger cities.

When the warnings came, about a half dozen people huddled in their houses, mobile homes and even a small community center in the small Lowndes County community of Collirene.

Picture this: woods and little else surround them and yet, the funnel cloud descended exactly on their small point.

"Everthing was goin' round and round," said storm victim William Moore. "That's all I remember."

Moore's biggest hope is to make sense of it all.  One minute, he's sitting somewhere inside what became a mass of twisted metal.

"Then, the only thing I remember, the house started shakin, and when I got up, and I came to, I was out there, pickin' up a refrigerator up off me," he said.

It's one of the biggest dangers of staying inside a mobile home.

The second biggest danger?  Edward Fears can testify to that.

"When I came to, there was lots of stuff on me, I couldn't get up," said Fears.

Fears was one of six people watching television in the Rudolph community center, which was a small cinder block house.

Was is the operative word, because the same funnel cloud that hit William Moore's hit that building too.

"It was like a bomb was set off," Fears said.

Not a bomb, but mother nature, in her foulest of moods.

After rescuers arrived, they dug the six victims out, all of them suffering a variety of injuries from head and neck wounds to small broken bones, and one person suffered a heart attack.

Such a small target, but such a heavy force.

"It's a little early in the survey to assign a Fujita scale number, but we can assess or determine that the winds speeds were between 110 and 125 miles an hour," said National Weather Service observer Michael Garrison.

For William Moore, there's another lesson here. He'll never stay in a mobile home again in stormy weather.

"I'm out of it," he said.  "I'm gone, in a safe place."

The National Weather Service says it's pretty clear the same supercell that caused the Collirene damage was also responsible for the Prattville tornado.

As for the damage in Lowndes County, eight houses are gone, and ten people suffered injuries.

The worst of those injured is the heart attack victim, who's still in the hospital.