Surveillance Cameras Capture Prattville Tornado on Tape

Prattville, Al. (WSFA) --   As several Alabama counties clean up, officials are assessing the damage of the severe storm outbreak.

WSFA 12 News has video from the hardest hit area as the tornado touched down in Prattville.

A surveillance camera from a gas station on U.S. Highway 31, about a half mile from the Alabama River Bridge, just north of Prattville captured the sight of the massive tornado as it moved through the town.

On Monday, National Weather Service Officials determined the tornado was an EF-3 with winds from 140 - 150 miles per hour.

The tornado was a quarter of a mile wide.

The National Weather Service also confirmed four other tornado touchdowns.

An EF-1 tornado caused damage in Barbour, Chilton and Pike Counties.

An EF-2 destroyed homes and businesses in Dallas County.

About 50 people were injured when the tornadoes ripped through the area on Sunday.

Thankfully, no deaths were reported.