Editorial: Feedback

EDITORIAL           Feedback            2-19-08

You gave us plenty of feedback regarding two recent guest editorials.

On the "Power of Prayer" guest editorial, Barbara Evans from Burkville emailed:

"How wonderful that churches are getting together to pray about crime!  Nobody will discount the power of prayer.  I won't be surprised, however, if the group continues our Alabama legacy of praying and then ignoring God's instructions for us to use our human talents to do something about the problem. Getting on your knees to ask is easy; much easier than starting a neighborhood watch, or having the courage to demonstrate outside a drug dealer's house, or having a presence in a high crime area at night.  God helps those who help themselves."

On the "Live the Dream" guest editorial,  James Cheatham emailed:

"I do agree that it is time for all races to take the responsibility of failure or success of themselves, stop blaming the other guy."

Katherine Hert from Elmore emailed:

"I want to thank Calvin Johnson for his comments and insight.  I believe very much in what he says and yes he was directing his comments to the African American community but it should resonate with the Caucasian community too.  We should all take it upon ourselves to make our own dreams come true regardless of who we are, what race/ethnicity we are, or where we are in our lives."

And Anne Farr from Auburn emailed:

"I want to thank this man for his words of wisdom and it is my hope that everyone will realize that he speaks profound truth that Dr. King wanted all of us, black and white, to learn and live by...We are all brothers and sisters in God and should treat each other with that same love and respect."

We welcome all of your comments!