Prattville Resident Captures Tornado on Camera

Prattville, Al. (WSFA) -- WSFA 12 News has learned nearly 900 homes and 50 businesses were damaged or destroyed in Sunday's powerful EF-3 tornado.  Almost every home in the Silver Hills Community was damaged or destroyed.

Sunday, as residents searched for shelter one man looked for his camera.  As the tornado roared toward Todd Wall's apartment, he sent his wife inside, not to take cover but for his camera.  "We just wanted to get the film footage," says Wall.

Todd stood on his porch as the storm moved closer.  He captured the tornado on video.  "It was a very low tone at first, but as it got closer and closer it got louder and louder and we knew it was headed right for us," Walls tell us.

In the video he capture, you can see debris flying everywhere as the tornado moved over McQueen Village.  Todd said it only 10 to 15 seconds, but it's 10 to 15 seconds of images Todd will remember for a lifetime.  "It's one I hope to not see again," says Walls.

Only Todd's cars were damaged and it was minor.  He is one of the lucky ones, but for those who still need assistance there is a new help center.  It opens Wednesday morning at 9:00 in the Church of Living Water on Sheila Boulevard.  Mayor Jim Byard expects that help center to stay open through Saturday.  The red cross shelter at the Doster Center will close Wednesday at noon.