Greenville Teacher is a Class Act

"I think what I love most is the hugs from the children and sometimes the funny little things the children will say," says Suellen Autrey. When she was a student she attended W.O. Parmer Elementary School in Greenville. Now she's back teaching second graders.

2nd grader Bud Thagard says, "I learned how to do math, phonics, science, social studies (in Autrey's classroom."

Autrey's connection to W.O. Parmer spans generations. Her son went to school here and some of her former students have returned here to teach. From day one her attitude towards children hasn't changed. "She is concerned about them. She works with each child individually during the day. She works in small groups. But the most prevailing asset of Ms. Autrey is she cares about her students and is dedicated to the teaching profession," says principal Carole Teague.

Autrey formed literature groups for students of different grades to work together. Another special project is a relationship between her class and one in New York City. 2nd grader Eboney Lewis says, "(the New York students) told me about some of the stuff that be happening. And they told me their name and stuff and where they live and what school do they go to."

Autrey says, "the children have just benefited so much from finding where New York is on the map; and studying their culture and then studying about Greenvile, so they would be able to tell these children about Greenville."

Autrey is on Parmer's textbook and parent involvement committees, but later this week she will retire from the classroom. She plans to stay close to education by becoming a tutor.